Build your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy

Align your EDI goals with all stakeholders to foster a better diverse and inclusive environment and culture at work

diversity inclusion program

Program Context:

Whatever step your organization has reached in the EDI journey, make sure that you have a curated plan and strategy to ensure that it promotes your organisation’s values and mission and matches with its development objectives.

This program is tailor-made to the needs and challenges of each organization. 

This program could include:


Review, benchmark and mapping of your EDI strategy


EDI data collection and analyze – gaps and focus report


Set-up of your organisation unique EDI Definition – ½ workshop to brainstorm on your EDI focus and target groups as well as build your pillars of development & main EDI initiatives


EDI committee – get started on getting EDI representatives and allies involved, at each and every level of your organization / ensure it is relayed at the board and executive level for credibility


Communication plan at each and every step of the EDI journey

Depending on your organisation needs, I can support you with:


Tailor made EDI training and workshop, from EDI first awareness to specific training like Inclusive and Diverse Recruitment Process, how to build an inclusive Job Description, etc.


EDI policies and roll-out


Develop better diverse sourcing and EDI compliant agencies partnering in your search for talents

Your investment

FROM 5000$


Amélie is a subject matter expert and HR professional, with a great work ethic. I have very much enjoyed working with her, so much that we are currently planning on our next collaboration!”

François Le Moullec

Consultant, Hommes et Projets


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