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HR Expertise with a Global Mindset

Diversity, Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural Management are now at the very center of Human Resources Management and it is important to take these in consideration in an international and multicultural environment

The workforce today is more mobile than ever and getting and nurturing talents from all over the world is your key to a successful business.

I am offering all of my experience and expertise as a Human Resources Generalist professional to work on your HR project and support your HR strategy with my multicultural mindset and toolkit.

I can provide you with information, strategies, insights, ideas, and perspectives through my personal experience thanks to my expertise in specific cultures of the world but also in any culture that you need to well versed in.

Great communicator and facilitator, I am your sounding board for all the Human Capital decisions you need to take to (re)align your HR strategy with your business plan.

I am providing the following services:

HR Consultation

▶ Recruitment and Succession Plan

▷ Individual Assessments for talent acquisition & development (Management and Executives) with Hogan Assessments
▷ Plan your long-term strategy and your annual recruitment plan at a national and/or international level
▷ Succession plan – Who are your current and future talents today / tomorrow and long-term?

▶ Change management in a context of Fusion / Acquisition / Growth

▶ Negotiations with unions and employees’ committees – Prepare your negotiations strategy and engage efficiently with your union / employee committee for win-win agreements

Training & Coaching

Global Mobility: Ensure your team of Highpo’s and Expatriates are successful abroad

▷ Coach and support your team of expatriates to maximise their experience and their work abroad – before/during/after their assignment
▷ Explain cultural differences vs. cultural references of each expatriate and get them ready for their international assignment with specific cultural individual testing
▷ Counselling for the whole family – Spouse and Children

Culture: Improve the workplace environment & Empower your team

▷ Audit, round tables and employees’ surveys
▷ Diversity / Inter-cultural training
▷ Coaching of Management Team
▷ Training on developing Leadership skills

Administrative Support

▶ Building and writing of new HR programs, policies and procedures
▶ Direct recruitment process and conduct interview with candidates
▶ Negotiate work conditions / salary, create tailored on-boarding programs
▶ Annual Satisfaction Employee Survey and action plan
▶ Workplace investigations and diagnostic
▶ Counsel on legal issues (work with a Lawyer / HR firm in Quebec)
▶ Counsel on Employment Law (Federal and Provincial)

Special Projects

▶ Career counselling – Individual level
▶ Organizational development support for non-profit organizations (structure, roles, plan of actions)
▶ Translation of short HR documents or communications English/French

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