Develop your Cultural Intelligence (ICM)

Your team will become culturally-savvy and learn to overcome cultural barriers in all aspects of work, in order to collaborate efficiently with their colleagues, direct reports, employees, clients, etc.

Developing organisational culture

This program is tailor-made to the needs and challenges of each organization. 

This program could include:


Culture Compass Tests

Get tailored feedback about your professional capacity and your personal cultural preferences at work in a multicultural environment.The Culture Compass will provide you with personalised cultural guidance to:

  1. Discover the reasons behind the behaviour you are likely to encounter
  2. Understand the impact of your own cultural value preferences
  3. Anticipate potential behavioural pitfalls while working with others

Intercultural & Diversity Training

Your choice of:

  • 90-120 min. of live webinar
  • E-learning module (60 to 90 minutes total)
  • 1-day in-person facilitation – interactive seminar and games (am) + targeted workshop (pm)

Practice within a Safe Place

Groups consist of 12 participants max. – 120 min. of virtual or live class with interactive and collaborative games / study of business case


101 Coaching – Individual or Group

4 sessions of 60 min. in order to unveil and tackle specific challenges faced as a global team (combined with a team scan)

Your investment

3500 $ +
Culture Compass  – 25 $ per person

“Amélie’s professionalism and attention to detail make her an incredible asset. If you get the chance to work with her, make sure you take it.

Lisa DeWaard

Managing Director and CEO , Hofstede Insights USA


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