Amélie Crouzat

Director & HR Consultant


Master in HR and Business Management


15 years + of experience – HR generalist, Executive and Consultant


Expertise in HR Transformation and Strategies


Certified in Intercultural Management and Organizational Culture


CRHA – Certified Human Resources Professional Association  of Québec

about Amelie Crouzat SB Consultancy

Your Sounding Board

I have always acted as a trusted advisor and expert in my various roles. I thrive at building meaningful relationships with my clients – the most important for me is to understand what keeps them awake at night in their organizations.

When we reflect on your challenges, we brainstorm together with your teams and SBC team of consultants, so that we can guide you through the best solutions.

Our unique Expertise in HR Transformation

Having lived in France, Canada, the US and Barbados, I worked for various international companies such as PwC, Hewitt, PepsiCo and Swissport Canada until I decided to launch my own HR consulting services.

I have now gained more than 15 years of valuable experiences in guiding people and organizations through navigating complex and international multicultural environments.

It is that unique combination of experience as an Executive HR and generalist in HR management, as well as a subject matter expert consultant that allow me to be your advisor and transformation project leader.

My goal is to guide and support global teams and companies to achieve growth and efficiencies, whatever the objectives pursued – better ROI after an acquisition, follow through KPI’s for your off-shoring customer service department or simply put to bed your levers of change after an organizational audit.

Those are only a few examples of projects we can collaborate on together.

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Amelie Crouzat - SB Consultancy

My work with Hofstede Insights

As a consultant since 2019, I have developed an expertise in Cultural Intelligence being certified by Hofstede Insights in Intercultural Management and Organizational culture.

I guide multicultural teams to become culturally-savvy and overcome cultural barriers in all aspects of their work, to collaborate efficiently. 

Whatever challenges your organization is going through, big chances are that organizational culture and practices do play a crucial role in shaping people’s behaviors and capabilities to adapt to changes.

Starting with a strategic workshop and identification of the organization set of practices, mapped out along dimensions, we will demystify and explain the company culture and assess if it hinders growth opportunities and what levers of change will need to be enabled. 

A “bonus” with Amélie is that she is what her company title says : an excellent, and honest, “sounding board” in all HR, culture and management aspects.

I would gladly work again with Amelie in any future project on HR Transformation.”

Nicole Parisis

Human Resources Director, European Climate Foundation, Brussels

Organisational Culture Certification badge from Hofstede Insights

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certification with hofstede insights

intercultural Management badge Hofstede Insights
intercultural management
certification with hofstede insights

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